Simple Present Tense Examples

  1. Mary always talks about impossible things. She lives in a dream.
  2. I do not eat anything between meals.
  3. My friend only bathes once a week since he broke up with his girlfriend.
  4. Emily is the best cook in our family.
  5. They enjoy watching movies. Don’t they?
  6. I love to feel the fresh breeze during springtime. It’s delightful.
  7. He is not a nasty boy. Is he?
  8. When the traffic light glows green, it signals the pedestrians to cross the road.
  9. Annie never brushes her teeth before bed.
  10. She has brown eyes and golden hair.
  11. Too much alcohol damages your liver.
  12. Andrew daydreams about becoming a billionaire one day.
  13. She usually gets up before 6 am.
  14. Faluda tastes better with a scoop of ice cream on it.
  15. Windows XP does not support the latest version of Photoshop.
  16. Once my husband gets home, our daughter starts snuggling with him.
  17. The fishermen land on the beach every day before the sun goes down.
  18. He thrills his friends with horror stories at night.
  19. Whenever my cat sees a dog, it climbs a tree ten times faster than a monkey.
  20. A large egg takes about ten minutes to boil on medium heat.
  21. Though Shelly’s hair is messy, she starts making it whenever her crush arrives.
  22. You gain weight every time you eat unhealthy snacks.
  23. She worries about her pet more than her own life.
  24. Every year my salary increases with a ten percent increment.
  25. Kate works hard to overcome her career problems.
  26. Your looks do not matter to anyone when you are rich.
  27. Does the form ask you to enter your email password? 
  28. Do they bother you with heavy noise?
  29. Ice melts once it reaches its melting point.
  30. Eddie tries not to touch his phone while he is studying.

In these examples, you can find different forms/structures and different uses of simple present tense. For more information, see the main article Simple Present Tense.